How-to: Send push notifications from Microsoft Intune

You can now use Microsoft Intune to send (custom) push notifications to mobile devices. This is a welcome feature requested by users for a while.
Currently the notifications are limited to iOS and Android devices.

You can use it in a scenario to inform your users about downtime or to quickly inform them about other stuff.
Microsoft doen’t recommend using it for sensitive communication or urgent messaging.

Push notification example


  • Microsoft Intune
  • Group with users
  • Devices must have the Company Portal-app installed
  • Google Play services on Android devices.


  • Notifications are limited to 50 character title and 500 character messages
  • Intune doesn’t save your message
  • You can send 25 messages per hour.
  • Messages are send to users only. Groups can contain devices, but users are targeted.
  • Intune attempts to deliver the message up to one hour after the message is send.

Send a Push message with Microsoft Intune

  1. First log in to the Azure portal.
  2. Go to [Microsoft Intune]
  3. Choose [Devices]
  4. Choose [Send custom notifications]

Specify the [Title] and [Body] with a custom message

Assign a group with Users. (The group can have devices mixed in it, but i will target users only)

Check the [Summary] and click [Create] to send out the push notification.

You can see the notification is send out successfully.

The end user is presented with the custom notification. In my case it took between 5 and 10 minutes for the push notification to arrive.

Logging / history

At the moment there is no logging or history data available for custom messages.

Thanks again for reading.

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