Change the Primary User in Microsoft Intune

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I’m glad to inform you that a long awaited feature has arrived. The ability to change a device’s primary user.

You can do the following:

  • Change the Primary user from User1 to User2
  • Change the Primary user from a Userless device (shared) to a single user
  • Change the Primary user from a single user to Userless (shared)

What is the primary user?
The primary user property is used to map a user to their devices in:

  • The Company Portal app
  • End-user website
  • IT pro experiences, like troubleshooting pages in the Azure portal.


  • Devices must be Azure AD Joined or Hybrid Azure AD Joined.
  • The “Primary User” must have an Intune license assigned.
  • Co-management is not supported at this moment. (Microsoft is working on it)
  • You need to run a supported Windows 10 version

The feature will become available over the course of two weeks. It is available in some of my tenants already.

Local Admin
You need to remember that changing the primary user won’t change anything to the local admin group on the device. If you want the new users to be a local admin (If you are really sure 🙂 ) you still need a script or use the “Additional Admins”-functionality.

You can assign this feature to your own custom roles and it has been added to the bilt-in roles like: Helpdesk Operator, School administrator and Endpoint Security Manager.

Change the primary user from the Microsoft Endpoint Manager

  1. Go to the Microsoft Endpoint Manager admin center
  2. Click Devices
  3. Click All Devices
  4. Select the device from where you want to change the primary user.
  5. Click on Properties
  6. Here you can “Change primary user” or “Remove primary user

7. Select the new user

8. and the Primary user has changed

Happy testing!

5 thoughts on “Change the Primary User in Microsoft Intune

  1. Vikas

    Thanks for sharing this, I have checked the same in my environment. But selecting User option is not visible (available).

    Is this version specific?

    1. Stefan Post author

      Sorry for the late response, there was an issue with the comment system. It should be available in your environment by now.
      Microsoft always updates the tenants in phases. Most of the update are completed within a few weeks. So it can take a while.

  2. Chris Y

    Hi Stefan,

    I have a Windows 10 device that is Hybrid Azure AD Joined.

    Whilst I see the option to change the primary user, this is greyed out and I am a 365 Global Admin.

    Any ideas where I am going wrong?

  3. Rick

    Hi there! Now almost a year later, the button to change a primary user is almost always greyed out. I can hardly ever change a primary user when I need it to. Do you know how we can correct this?


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