Remove “News and interests” with Microsoft Endpoint Manager from taskbar

News and interest is rolling out to Windows 10 users the past couple weeks on version 1909 and later with the may-update.

I was a bit surprised to see this (in my opinion) unnecessary addition to Windows 10. If you are like me and want to remove it for yourself and your users with Microsoft Endpoint Manager (intune) you can do it with the following configuration settings.

Configuration in Microsoft Endpoint Manager

  1. First go to the Endpoint Manager portal.
  2. Go to Devices
  3. Choose Configuration Profiles
  4. Select Create Profile
  5. Select the platform: Windows 10 and later
  6. Choose Setting Catalog in the profile type
  7. And click Create
  1. Specify the name of the policy. In my case I choose: Windows 10 – Remove News And Interest
  2. Click Next
  3. Click +Add Settings
  4. You can filter on “News
  1. Select News And interest
  2. Click the checkbox before Enable News and interest
  3. You can now close the Setting picker.
  4. Configure Enable News and interest to: Not Allowed
  1. Click Next
  2. Assign the right user of device group.
  3. Click Create.

And Voila! After a while your devices will no longer have the News and interest button on the taskbar.

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